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Sarracenia Species and Hybrids

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Sarracenia alata x leucophylla
Sarracenia alata x leucophylla [Med]
Price: $19.95
Earn 10 points


A sublime plant for your garden.
Sarracenia alata Red Hood
Sarracenia alata, Red Hood [Med]
Price: $19.95
Earn 10 points


This plant resembles the typical variety of pale pitcher, Sarracenia alata, but the inside of the hood turns red.
Sarracenia rubra
Sarracenia rubra "Canebrake" [Med]
Price: $19.95
Earn 10 points


Neon yellow pitchers in fall.
Sarracenia Ladies in Waiting
Sarracenia x Ladies in Waiting [Med]
Price: $34.95
Earn 18 points

Red pitchers with a clamshell hood and white speckles.
Sarracenia Medusa
Sarracenia x Medusa [Med]
Price: $24.95
Earn 12 points


Snake-like pitchers in spring.  Stout pitchers in fall.
Sarracenia x Pinky
Sarracenia x Pinky [Med]
Price: $19.95
Earn 10 points

A late season plant.
Sarracenia x Ruby Throat
Sarracenia x Ruby Throat [Med]
Price: $19.95
Earn 10 points

A late season plant.
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