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Sarracenia Species and Hybrids

Sarracenia Season Starts in April!

Mature divisions from select species and hybrids in our collection
will be in stock and ready for new homes on April 2. Stay tuned!
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Sarracenia alata Red Hood
Sarracenia alata, Red Hood [Med]
Price: $21.95
Earn 10 points


This plant resembles the typical variety of pale pitcher, Sarracenia alata, but the inside of the hood turns red.
Sarracenia Hank
Sarracenia x Hank [Med]
Price: $49.95
Earn 25 points

Named after our beloved nursery dog.
Sarracenia x Ruby Throat
Sarracenia x Ruby Throat
Price: $21.95
Dormancy Sale: $16.95
Earn 10 points

A late season plant.
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