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Grow Outdoor Perennials (view all)

Venus Flytrap
An American Classic! Native to North Carolina, the Venus Flytrap likes full sun during summer. In winter, it goes dormant.

The American Pitcher Plant comes in many shapes, sizes, and color. Full sun in spring and summer. Dormant in winter.

Hardy Sundews
Many are native to the United States. Full to partial sun during summer. In winter, they drop their leaves.

An enigmatic plant native to Oregon and California. Full to partial sun. Grows best where summers are mild.

Grow Tropical Plants (view all)

A plant with dewy, sticky leaves. Grow on a sunny windowsill with partial to dappled sun.

Native to SE Asia, these plants come in many shapes and sizes. Many grow well as regular houseplants with partial sunlight.

Tropical plants with sticky, succulent-like leaves. Partial to dappled sun.

Carnivorous bromeliads native to Venezuela. Can take full sun, so grow it in the sunniest window in your home.

Get Supplies (view all)

Plastic Pots
3-inch to 6-inch, including hanging pots for Nepenthes.

Soil: General Mix
Use this mix for Venus Flytraps, Sundews, and Sarracenia.

Soil: Tropical Pitcher Plant Mix
Use this for Nepenthes, Heliamphora, Brocchinia, and Cephalotus.

Digital Download
A complete care guide for the most common plants in cultivation.

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