30-Day Guarantee

Our Guarantee to You

We guarantee your plant's health for 30 days from delivery. To qualify, follow the recommendations for sunlight, water, soil, and temperature described in the brochures or online care guides. (Putting your plant in a terrarium or growing it in a manner that's not stated in our recommendations will void this guarantee!)

This guarantee does NOT cover package theft. Please ensure your delivery location is secure. Signature delivery and Post Office Pickup are available upon request at no additional charge.

Upon Arrival (First 48 Hours)

99.5% of plants we ship arrive in perfect condition. (That's 995 out of a thousand!) If your plant appears distressed from shipping or you're uncertain of its initial health, email us within 48 hours of delivery, as determined by USPS tracking. Provide your order number, a description of the plant, and a photo. We will most likely recommend steps to nurture the plant back to health. If your plant has minimal stress, it will recover quickly and grow new leaves. If your plant has severe damage from shipping (very rare!), we will respond accordingly. At our discretion, we will send you a replacement, give you a store credit, or refund your purchase price.

Contact Us

During the First 30 Days

If your plant isn't growing as well as expected during the initial 30 days, contact us immediately via the following link:

Ask The Growers

Provide complete information about your plant care. The more details you provide, the better we can pinpoint the issue. (Telling us that you followed everything in the brochure doesn't help us identify the problem. We want to help you, so we need to know your specific actions in caring for your plant – where you placed your plant, how much light you gave it, your water source, recent transplanting, and such. Please include photos of the plant and your setup.)

After pinpointing the issue, we will recommend a course of action. If the plant fails to thrive after implementing our recommendations, we will replace the plant or provide you with a store credit. Shipping and handling fees are strictly non-refundable. We do not offer refunds, exchanges, or replacements for free or bonus plants. Please contact us if you have any questions about this policy.

Got Outdoor Perennials?
Outdoor perennials include Sarracenia (potted or bare root), , Venus Flytraps, Hardy Sundews, and Darlingtonia. We grow them outdoors at our nursery in Oregon and feature them in our monthly care videos. As noted on the sales page:

Photos illustrate summer growth.
Pitchers (or leaves) may not be present during other seasons.
See below for more information.

When you scroll down on the sales page to the next section, you will find Seasonal Appearance and Monthly Care Video. This section has details about how plants appear during each month of the year at the nursery.

We understand plants take longer than 30 days to emerge from dormancy. Purchasing plants in the off-season (or as seeds) is generally more economical than buying plants in peak season when they're in active growth. That's the trade-off. So, if you're an experienced grower willing to take on winter care, purchasing dormant plants can be a great bargain. Therefore, we do not replace or refund dormant plants. Please follow the care instructions provided with your plant and watch the monthly care video.

Plants purchased in spring (March, April, and May) often don't have any pitchers because they are transitioning from dormancy to active growth. Some plants respond quickly to seasonal change. Others take their time waking up. Because we grow them outdoors (in Oregon), we don't have any control over their schedule. Our growing season may also be much shorter than yours, especially if you live in southern regions. Therefore, many outdoor perennials might not yet have pitchers at the time of shipping, which is no reason for a refund or replacement. Please follow the care instructions provided with your plant and watch the monthly care video.

If you are new to growing outdoor carnivorous plants, consider purchasing your plants when they are in active growth. You will have better success learning about their seasonal growth habits and care.

At our nursery in Oregon, peak growth for most outdoor perennials occurs in June through September.

After 30 Days

Plants are living organisms that are affected by numerous factors. Though our care instructions help reduce horticultural errors, we cannot guarantee your abilities to implement our recommendations, nor can we safeguard against factors beyond our control, such as but not limited to the following:

• Fungus and Mold
• Pests
• Animals
• Dehydration
• Neglect
• Unpredictable Weather
• Inadequate Lighting

We take all necessary steps to develop a trusting relationship with our customers by providing healthy plants and answering your questions as quickly as possible. We also offer access to our care guides, monthly care videos, and past questions from growers worldwide. We appreciate your willingness to accept the risk of growing plants beyond 30 days, in particular dormant plants, bare root rhizomes, and challenging species.

Got A Question?
If you need assistance growing your plants, we are here to help. Send us your plant question via Ask the Growers. Supply all of the requested information and photos, and one of our growers will get back to you.

Winter Shipping Guarantee

Purchase your tropical plants worry-free. At the time of shipping, we will check your local weather by ZIP code. We will include a complimentary heat pack if a freeze is in the forecast. We also offer Signature Delivery and Post Office pick up to minimize cold exposure of your package. Simply let us know at checkout. There is no extra fee for this service.

• All outdoor perennials can be safely shipped during freezing weather and are exempt from this type of packaging.
• Winter shipping of tropical plants is possible only when temperatures are above 20°F.
• We may delay shipping if temperatures in your area (or at the nursery) drop below 20° or if USPS reports transit delays due to extreme freezing conditions.
• We reserve the right to cancel your order if we cannot safely transport your plants within 3-4 weeks of your order.