About Us

We're down-to-earth folks with decades of experience and a deep love for carnivorous plants.

Jeff Dallas

Jeff Dallas started Sarracenia Northwest in 1995 out of a passion for carnivorous plants. As a young teenager, he started his journey with a single Venus flytrap. Twenty years later, his collection grew to where he was able to sell his excess plants at a local outdoor market in Portland, Oregon. The rest is history!

Wtih a background in education, Jeff loves being at the market and teaching new growers about carnivorous plants. Jeff also works for the Outdoor School with the Multnomah Educational School District, working with sixth graders about the outdoor sciences.

Jeff's favorite plants are Sarracenia. In the photo, he's holding one of his hybrids, Sarracenia Lorax (also known as Margaret Eng).

When not working with plants, Jeff enjoys watching reruns of Star Trek and old sci-fi movies, especially Godzilla.

Jacob Farin

Prior to joining Sarracenia Northwest in 2003, Jacob worked in the healthcare field. He left that career to to help develop the online portion of the nursery, first as cobraplant.com, then later as Growcarnivorousplants.com, Inc. Throughout the years, he has worked on many projects, such as the Grow Carnivorous Plants DVDs, The Ultimate Carnivorous Plant Guide for Beginners, and many Youtube videos.

Jacob's favorite plants are Nepenthes and Heliamphora. In the photo, he is holding one of his favorite Heliamphora hybrids, Tequila.

When not working with plants, Jacob enjoys playing vintage French flutes, those made at the turn of the 20th century.

Sean Springfield

Sean joined the nursery in September 2019. He moved to the Portland area from Gainesville, Florida, specifically to work for Sarracenia Northwest! He has a bachelor degree in horticulture from the University of Florida and has extensive experience growing and breeding Nepenthes. At the nursery, he manages plant propagation of all types and assists with landscaping.

Sean's favorite plants are Nepenthes. In the photo, he is holding Nepenthes Peter D'Amato.

When not working with plants, Sean enjoys playing the piano and exploring new, hip ramen shops.

Sara, The Sarracenia Pup

Sara joined the nursery in August, 2018. Though very inexperienced at first, she has proven to be a very good doggy. Her chief duty at the nursery include water testing. She makes sure the water in the Sarracenia pools is the right temperature and depth by lying down in the pools. She also plays a key role in quality control. Through her initiative, we now send all plants to the lab for inspection prior to shipping.

Her favorite plants are those that are easy to dig up.

When not working, which is almost all the time, she really enjoys chasing tennis balls. A lot. Maybe too much.

Luke, The Leucophylla Pup

Luke joined the nursery in January 2021. Although he was new to the world of carnivorous plants, or to the world in general, he learned very quickly. With some training by Sara, Luke now works alongside her, inspecting plants for shipping. He also took the initiative to take charge of security, making sure the neighbor's dog stays his side of the fence.

Luke has no favorite plant. He enjoys them all!

In his spare time, which is all the time, he likes to look for lost tennis balls and will enthusiastically encourage anyone and everyone to play fetch with him.