Q/A #74 - Which Plant to Use to Control an Ant Problem?

April 17, 2023

Q/A #74 - Which Plant to Use to Control an Ant Problem?

I am having a major problem with the little black ants in my kitchen. My stepson said that there is a type of carnivorous plant that I could get to control my ant problem. Do you know what type of plant that would be and if so do you sell them?


I'm sorry to be a wet blanket. Carnivorous plants won't solve a bug problem. The best way to think about carnivorous plants is they're cool-looking plants that happen to use insects as fertilizer. They usually just don't catch enough to make a big dent if you have a bad infestation, so they're very poor at bug control. 

Having said that, I've seen sugar ants being attracted to certain Nepenthes. 
• Nepenthes Deroose Alata
• Nepenthes St. Mercury
• Nepenthes sanguinea

You will still need to provide these plants with the appropriate lighting and water. Bugs are only a source of fertilizer and not source energy. Carnivorous plants are still plants, so they get their energy from sunlight. You can find our growing instructions in the care guide section.

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