Nepenthes sanguinea

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Nepenthes sanguinea is an excellent plant for the first-time grower. It can remain compact for many years, which makes it a great candidate for any sunny windowsill. Large, established plants can be quite impressive, with older plants growing traps 9 inches tall! With good lighting, its firm waxy leaves will develop an attractive reddish-bronze hue.

Type of Plant: Tropical pitcher plant for indoor growing.
Pitcher Size: Up to 9 inches.
Sunlight: Bright filtered to partial sun.
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).
Soil: Equal parts dried sphagnum moss and perlite only.
Temperatures: Above 70°F during the day; 55°-70°F during the night. Always protect from frost.

• Small plant in its first year of growth.
• Acclimated for windowsill growing.
• Shipped in a 3-inch pot. Care instructions are included.

The first three photo is descriptive of plants for sale. Pitchers may or may not be present at the time of shipping.

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    Gift - Same as above.

    Posted by Unknown on June 28, 2020

    Excellent product. Great gift. Both orders have seen growth.

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    Nepenthes sanguinea [SM]

    Posted by Rodney Gonzalez on June 28, 2020

    Great size and giving me multiple leaves and pitchers. Both plants are very vigorous!

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    Super Satisfied

    Posted by Seth Dueno on June 22, 2020

    She’s lookin like a beauty right now, you guys are great at what you do. Thank you

  • 5

    Posted by Zachery Holmes on June 15, 2020

  • 5

    Posted by Heather Young on June 14, 2020

  • 5

    Posted by cheryl shepard on June 10, 2020

    all plants were well packaged and arrived quickly. All are thriving.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael Came on June 8, 2020

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    Solid Plant

    Posted by TM on May 27, 2020

    It arrived quickly and with all pitchers intact, and immediately put out a new one within the week. It adjusted to extremely bright light and the pitcher coloration, even as small, is looking very promising. Healthy plants, good prices, and secure shipping!

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    Baby pitchers so cute and happy!

    Posted by Danielle Nunnery on May 27, 2020

    Plant arrived in perfect condition. Very happy!

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    Posted by James Rasmussen on May 24, 2020

    This was my first time buying/ growing pitcher plants. I recieved beautiful healthy plants that have already started growing after a short time in the sunlight. I am grateful for the customer support and quality of the plants I recieved. I will be returning for my future purchases of carnivorous plants. This has been a most pleasent experience from top to bottom. Thaank you Sarracenia NW.

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    Posted by Ivy Levin on May 17, 2020

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    Posted by Ronnie Cramer on May 10, 2020

    Plants came fast and we're packaged well. Will buy again.