Q/A #85 - Need Help with Pitcher Plants from a Friend

May 9, 2023

Q/A #85 - Need Help with Pitcher Plants from a Friend

I have two pitcher plants a friend just gave me. She felt they weren’t doing well in her care. I know next to nothing about carnivorous plants but, luckily, found your website yesterday and have downloaded  The Ultimate Carnivorous Plant Guide for Beginners. What a true gem of a book! Jacob Farin is a wonderful writer/teacher and I so appreciate the many times I’ve gotten a chuckle due to his great sense of humor…and I’ve only just started reading it ?

It would help me greatly if you could identify these plants for me so that I can learn how to care for my new plant friends. 
( Submitted in May 2019.)


These plants are Nepenthes, a type of tropical pitcher plant native to SE Asia. Based on the leaves and the long vines on these plants, it's a high probability that they are Nepenthes Deroose Alata, a hybrid commonly found in cultivation. It's a great introductory plant for beginners!

For some quick information, make sure the plant is up close to the window and is getting partial sun, about 4 hours of direct sun. They are not shade plants. Lack of pitchers are usually from inadequate light. 

The plant also looks to be in bad need of transplanting. The digital download has information to help with that. Be sure the pot has drain holes as well. When repotting, feel free to trim off any dead leaves or leaves that are yellowing.

Also, make sure the plant has moist soil, but is not sitting in water. They are not a bog species.It looks like the plants may have been over watered, or sitting in water. It will take a couple months for the plant to recover.

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