Q/A #62 - Sarracenia Isn't Breaking Dormancy

April 2, 2023

Q/A #62 - Sarracenia Isn't Breaking Dormancy

I ordered a Sarracenia alata x minor from you about a month ago. Attached is a photo taken a couple weeks ago but as of today nothing much has really changed. The other photo is one taken today. I wanted to check if something is wrong because the breaking of dormancy and spring growth seems really slow. 

I'm in Portland, Oregon. I have the plant outdoor in full sunlight The growth mixture is two parts peat moss and one part perlite. I water with rainwater collected from leachate from outdoor planter with drain spigot in addition to direct rainwater.
(Submitted in April 2019.)

Nothing wrong with the plant at all. Ours look exactly the same way, and we're just outside of Portland. You won't see much in the way of growth on S. minor and it's hybrids until we starting getting some strings of days in the 70's. Significant new growth usually starts in May, and you'll see your first open pitchers in June. Make sure to watch our monthly care videos. We show how plants appear at our nursery throughout the year.

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