Q/A #30 - Aphids on Drosera capensis

February 7, 2023

Q/A #30 - Aphids on Drosera capensis

I did have a lot of Drosera capensis, but the aphids have been killing them. I have tried rubbing alcohol mix and also the neem oil mix, but it seems they keep coming back. Any other suggestions?
(Submitted in February 2019.)

Try using a product that has pyrethrins in it. This is a natural, organic insecticide that is short acting, but tends to be good at killing aphids quickly. Spray the crown or center of the plant of the plants where the new growth is coming out, but not the leaves. Spray just the center portion since that's where aphids tend to hang out on this species. 

You will need to spray several times, 2-3 days apart, to take care of any aphids that hatched from eggs. This is important. Multiple applications are required to eliminate an infestation. 

If you have other houseplants, you may need to spray them too. They could be the source of your aphids. 

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