Q/A #25 - Sarracenia with No Pitchers

January 25, 2023

Q/A #25 - Sarracenia with No Pitchers

I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of pitcher plant this is. Also it has just been leaves, no pitchers for a year now.....what's wrong with it??
(Submitted in January 2019.)

This plant is some type of Sarracenia, a North American Pitcher Plant. They are cold-hardy perennials best grown as an outdoor container plant. The problems you've been seeing are because this plant needs full sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight) but you're growing it in the shade. 

I recommend reading the Sarracenia care information on our website. Sarracenia are completely able to handle freezing weather, but since yours has been indoors, it's probably not acclimated to being out in the cold for winter. So in April or May, when the risk of frost has past, move your plant outside to full sun, the type of sun to grow tomatoes. When pitchers develop, take another photo for identification. 

On another note, you buried the rhizome too deep. The growing tip of the rhizome should be above the soil line. This will make a big difference in how the rhizome grows over time. So repot the rhizome so that the rhizome is exposed on the soil surface.

Submitted in January 2019. The original question and response have been edited for publication.
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