Pinguicula moctezumae x gigantea

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This hybrid has long, chartreuse, succulent-like leaves. Adult plants will have multiple shoots with leaves approaching 8 inches tall. Look for lilac-colored flowers. Grow this plant in a sunny south window.

Type of Plant: Tropical plant for windowsill growing.
Size: 8 inches across when mature.
Sunlight: Dappled to partial sun. Avoid hot sunlight.
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).
Soil: 1 part peat moss, 3 parts perlite.
Temperatures: Tolerant of cool temperatures but always protect from frost.

• Juvenile plant, acclimated for windowsill growing.
• Shipped in a 3-inch pot. Care instructions are included.

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  • 5

    Posted by Diane C on August 14, 2016

    All my carnivorous plants have came from Sarracenia Northwest. They have always been good, healthy plants.

  • 5
    love it

    Posted by Brenda DeWald on May 8, 2016

    Arrived in very good packaging and it is catching lots of bugs!

  • 5

    Posted by meldrick Harper on April 24, 2016

    My plant came in great shape!! Ready to buy more plants again!

  • 5
    Great looking plant

    Posted by Simonne Rogers on December 25, 2015

    Arrived safely and is growing well.

  • 5
    Great pings

    Posted by Darin Kimberl on October 18, 2015

    Great plant! Arrived in excellent condition. Nice size, packaged very well, has transitioned to its new home wonderfully. Sarracenia Northwest is all-ways top notch high quality plants, service and knowledge.

  • 5

    Posted by jamie riendeau on May 17, 2015

    It came in great health. And is doing well.

  • 5
    Nice well grown plants

    Posted by DD on May 11, 2015

    Excellent doing business with SN. I received my plants in great shape, well secured in the package safe and sound, with full tracking details. The plants are nicely potted and very health, well grown plants. I look forward to the full summer display of these interesting plants. Thank you PS, I love the youtube videos.

  • 5
    Mexican Butterworts

    Posted by Ramon Nelson on March 1, 2015

    Very nice plant and much larger than the one I first bought that died before buying the 3 tapes. It's like the Sundews that are doing great with the information that I have learned from the tapes. I now feel that I have the horse before the cart since I've been viewing and studying all 3 tapes.

  • 5
    No more fungus gnats!

    Posted by Jesse Iford on February 25, 2015


  • 5
    A Nice Tropical Butterwort

    Posted by John Blancett on January 18, 2015

    Arrived in great condition and already putting out new leaves

  • 5
    Very nice

    Posted by Jim Thompson on December 25, 2014

    Very nice plant.

  • 4
    Eats ALL the gnats

    Posted by Unknown on November 20, 2014

    Arrived in good conditions, seems to have adapted to my south windowsill quite well, and has an amazing sheen to it when it's healthy and dewy. I got a couple butterworts to see if they'd make an impact on the fungus gnats that habitate my other plants, and within a few days there was barely a square millimeter without gnats stuck to it. I was concerned this would be akin to over-fertilizing it, but it seems to have taken the feast in stride. A vibrant plant that thrives, I recommend it.