Drosera filiformis var. floridana, "White Flower"

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This variety of Drosera filiformis is similar to the typical form but has dark red leaves. In time, the plant will produce a crown up to an inch across and leaves up to 8 inches tall. Give this plant LOTS of sunlight to maintain its beautiful red leaves. Never underestimate how much this plant loves sunlight! The particular form we carry produces white flowers in early summer.
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Plants You Receive

Plants are 1-2 years old from propagation with one or two growth points and shipped in 3-inch pots. 
All cold-hardy perennials are grown outdoors at our nursery in Oregon. Their appearance will change with the seasons.

April-May: Emerging from dormancy. 
June-September: Plants are in active growth. 
October-December: Plants stop growing and will drop its leaves to form a resting bud.
January-March: Plants are still in its dormant resting bud state.

General Care

Type of Plant: Cold-hardy perennial for outdoor container growing.
Sunlight: Full sun, 6+ hours of direct sunlight, during the growing season.  
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).  Set in standing water to keep media wet.
Soil: Equal parts peat moss and perlite.  No garden soil, compost, or fertilizer.
Winter: Dormant.  Tolerant of overnight frost down to 20°F.  Protect from prolonged freezes (lasting for more than a 2 or 3 days) and hard freezes (below 20°F).


  • 5

    Posted by John on June 4, 2021

    Excellent products and careful shipping

  • 5
    Sundew is growing well.

    Posted by Bob Daniels on June 4, 2021

    Top quality plants.

  • 5
    Great Plant

    Posted by Sebastian on June 3, 2021

    The plant arrived in great condition and has been growing well outside in Northern California. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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    Healthy Plant

    Posted by Christian on May 31, 2021

    Plant packaged nicely, and is very healthy. It's flowering in late May.

  • 5

    Posted by Chris K on May 24, 2021

    I have followed the directions and kept in a try of rainwater and distilled water. Growing rapidly in full sun. If you live in a dry climate you can grow this easily. Best part of my day is to see what it caught.

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    Great condition!

    Posted by Tom on May 12, 2021

    This Floridana came with 2 hibernacula intact, and one is doing absolutely fantastic. It's the same color red as their photos. The other hibernacula may pull through (probs not), but I'm very satisfied with this drosera.

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    Drosera filiformis floridana

    Posted by Shaun Kelly on October 6, 2020

    Plant is growing and happy. Even has some flowers.

  • 5
    Healthy plants, fast delivery

    Posted by Kaden Sinclair on October 6, 2020

    Same review for all plants on this order. They arrived quickly and were healthy and clearly established. Very happy with this and past orders and look forward to future orders.