Drosera capensis, Red Leaf

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This variety of Cape sundew is a truly remarkable plant. Instead of the typical green, the entire plant is blood red. To maintain its extreme color, you will need to grow this plant in absolutely the brightest light possible. In fall and winter, its leaves may lose some of its redness, but it perks up again in spring and summer when strong light levels return. While the other varieties of Cape sundew prefer bright and cool conditions, this variety prefers bright and warm conditions. An adult plant can get up to 5 inches in diameter and just has tall.

Type of Plant: Tropical plant for windowsill growing.
Size: 5 inches across when mature.
Sunlight: Partial sun. Avoid hot sunlight.
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).
Soil: Equal parts peat moss and perlite only.
Temperatures: Tolerant of cool temperatures but always protect from frost.

• Juvenile plant, acclimated for windowsill growing.
• Shipped in a 3-inch pot. Care info is included.

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  • 5

    Posted by James on October 6, 2019

  • 5
    Big & healthy

    Posted by David F. on August 4, 2019

    Started growing right away and The capensis also had a couple small ones beside it. Won't shop elsewhere in the future if I can get it here.

  • 5

    Posted by Caro Antifa on July 30, 2019

    The plants are growing so well after following the instructions provided. Great packaging and arrived on time. Will definitely order more in the future

  • 5

    Posted by Mark Munoz on July 29, 2019

  • 4
    Red Means Grow!

    Posted by Kurt Miller on July 8, 2019

    Your red leaf capensis has the most vivid red leaves of any cultivar I've purchased. Amazing plant!

  • 5

    Posted by A Warner on July 8, 2019

    Plant arrived healthy. Very satisfied.

  • 5
    Great Plants, Rough Ride

    Posted by Michael LaForest on July 1, 2019

    Priority Mail box arrived with a puncture and crushed corner, but the fragile Droseras were none the worse thanks to excellent packaging by Sarracenia NW. Great looking plants.

  • 5
    Great plant

    Posted by Will on June 23, 2019

    Looking forward to growing this guy

  • 5
    Plant arrived quickly and great shape.

    Posted by Ricardo de Ycaza on June 22, 2019

    As usual, SNW delivered healthy plants in a timely manner. I have been a longtime customer and will always continue to purchase plants from them.

  • 5
    Healthy and Halfway mature

    Posted by Kelly Howe on June 17, 2019

    Great plant.. Arrived Healthy and Happy in great packaging it has started producing dew already. I have the Ebook and I am a Nepenthes and Tropical Drosera grower. I got this because this is sometimes called "the invincible/unkillible sundew"

  • 5
    It comes with Dew!

    Posted by Xiaoxuan Chen on June 9, 2019

    this is the first ever sundew that I got online comes with dews on its leaves. Very impressive plant and I am very happy with it.

  • 5
    Catches many more gnats than my other carnivores

    Posted by Unknown on June 2, 2019

    Was packaged extremely well and is loving my plant shelf in the front window.