Dionaea muscipula "Red Dragon Flytrap"

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This flytrap features red leaves and traps. Young plants are bright red throughout. As the plant matures, it turns maroon with a green margin along the edge of the traps. This variety tends to be slightly temperamental when its roots are disturbed during the growing season, so it's best to repot this plant in early season or while it's dormant. In winter, this variety will drop all of its leaves, leaving nothing to show. In summer, it will require lots of sunlight to maintain its red color. Though very attractive, Red Dragon is best suited for those who are successful growing the more common forms of flytrap.
• Established adult plant, grown outdoors at our nursery in Oregon, USDA zone 8.
• Shipped in a 3-inch pot. Care info is provided..

Photos illustrate summer growth. Appearance changes with the seasons at the time of shipping.
January-March: Plant is dormant with few traps.
April: Spring growth will appear by the end of the month.
May: Still waking up. Fully developed traps will gradually appear.
June-August: Full display of traps.
September: Plant is slowing down. Upright traps start to drop..
October: Dormancy begins. Fewer traps. No new growth until spring.
November-December: Plant is dormant. Browned traps are cut off.
Type of Plant: Cold-hardy perennial for outdoor container growing.
Sunlight: Full sun, 6+ hours of direct sunlight, during the growing season.
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less). Keep media wet.
Soil: Equal parts peat moss and perlite. No garden soil, compost, or fertilizer.
Winter: Dormant. Mulch in USDA zones 6 or colder.

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