Dionaea muscipula "B52 x Low Giant Flytrap"

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This is one of the giant flytrap cultivars. The typical adult Venus flytrap will have traps that grow up to an inch across.  A so-called giant form will produce traps that are at least 50% larger than typical forms of the same age.  This particular form produce traps that are about 1.5 inches that lay close to the soil.

Type of Plant: Outdoor perennial for container growing.
Height: Up to 3 inches at maturity.
Sunlight: Full sun during the growing season.
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).
Soil: Equal parts peat moss and perlite only.
Winter: Dormant. Minimal protection in USDA zones 7-9. Mulch in colder regions.

• Juvenile plant, acclimated for outdoor growing.
• Shipped in a 3-inch pot. Care instructions are included.

Photos illustrate summer growth. Appearance changes with the seasons at the time of shipping. See below for more information.

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Plants are grown outdoors at our nursery in Oregon.

January-March: Plant is dormant with few traps.
April: Spring growth will appear by the end of the month.
May: Still waking up. Fully developed traps will gradually appear.
June-August: Full display of traps.
September: Plant is slowing down. Upright traps start to drop.
October: Dormancy begins. Fewer traps. No new growth until spring.
November-December: Plant is dormant. Browned traps are cut off.



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    Posted by LAM on September 8, 2019

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    Giant Flytrap

    Posted by Ernest Gardner on December 16, 2018

    Arrived in good shape and now dormant

  • 5

    Posted by Kirk Hill on October 17, 2018

    The flytrap is doing really well. It has already caught two insects and started to eject one. Great pliant.

  • 5
    Great Looking Plant

    Posted by Nathaniel Dildofonso on October 15, 2018

    Everything looked healthy and easily adapted to its new environment, cant wait for it to get bigger :)

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    Excellent, aas usual

    Posted by RODNEY BROWN on October 7, 2018

    Very nice Venus flt teap. Well packe and arrived in excellent condition.

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    B52 x Low Giant

    Posted by THOMAS on August 13, 2018

    Very healthy with good appetite for flies (seriously).

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    B52 x Low Giant Flytrap [Sm]

    Posted by Charles Houlding on July 21, 2018

    Nice healthy plant! It's growing well indoors under lights. I'll put it outdoors in November when Waco mimics Wilmington, NC weather/temperatures.

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    Posted by Shannon Phaeton on January 21, 2018

    This fly trap clearly stands out among the rest in my collection. It appears to be very healthy.

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    Dionaea muscipula "B52 x Low Giant Flytrap"

    Posted by Mark Bauer on January 18, 2018

    In addition to an excellent plant, which arrived typically well-packaged, plant protected, I always was abler to receiver expert advice on this as well as protecting plants in our cold winter state of Wisconsin. Trustworthy and dependable are two of the many qualities of Sarracenia Northwest. Nonpareil.

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    Posted by DominicW on December 5, 2017

    Arrived in excellent condition.

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    Low Giant Flytrap

    Posted by eric greene on November 28, 2017

    super job of packing the plant and its pot for shipping, looks good

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    Great Service!

    Posted by Janet McGill on August 27, 2017

    Plant arrived well packaged! Love my plant. Thank you!