Collection of Tropical Butterworts

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With this collection, you get 3 different varieties of tropical butterworts (Pinguicula). These plants grew best in a sunny windowsill with dappled sunlight. They are great for the first-time grower!

• P. Pirouette (front, right)
• P. Aphrodite (front, left)
• P. moctezumae x gigantea (back)

These three plants retail for $49.85 when purchased separately. As a collection, get them for only $29.95!

Type of Plant: Tropical plant for windowsill growing.
Sunlight: Dappled to partial sun. Avoid hot sunlight.
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).
Soil: 1 part peat moss, 3 parts perlite.
Temperatures: Tolerant of cool temperatures but always protect from frost.

• Three juvenile butterworts shipped in individual 3-inch pots.
• Acclimated for windowsill growing. Care instructions are included.

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