Q/A #98 - Growing a Flytrap in Montana

June 11, 2023

Q/A #98 - Growing a Flytrap in Montana

I live in Montana. My flytrap is doing really well since I got it in April. It lost two traps and has grown an even larger one with a new trap on the way. My question is I use a white light but I wonder if it will need more sunlight now that we have warm weather. I don’t want to put it outside because I fear it is too dry here and we do have an issue with aphids. But should I give it some morning sunlight outside each day? Or leave it where it is doing well? I would love a blossom. I just adore this little plant.
(Submitted in June 2023.)

Try combining a sunny window with your grow light. This can give very good results. Select a window that has several hours of unobstructed sunlight. Flytraps need a lot of light. A lot. So, make sure your light source is close enough to the plant to supplement sunlight. If your traps are nice and red in the interior, then the plant is getting enough light. 

The other option is to place it outside in full sun. Don't worry about the low humidity in Montana. Low humidity is not an issue at all. We have a customer in Phoenix who grows his flytraps outside in direct sunlight. If his plants grow well for him there, your plant will grow well for you outside in Montana.

In Fall after the first frost of the season, place your plant back in a sunny window. Place it up close to the glass as possible to keep the plant cool because it will need to go dormant.. With your harsh winters, the window will be plenty cold enough, and the naturally shortening days and cooler temperatures will trigger dormancy. Just remember to keep the soil moist at all times, even during dormancy.

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