Q/A #94 - Floppy Sarracenia Pitchers

June 11, 2023

Q/A #94 - Floppy Sarracenia Pitchers

I have a Sarracenia leucophylla x rubra. What do you do, if anything, about a Sarracenia that always gets “floppy?” It was doing better this year being planted higher and more exposed to wind etc., but the rainstorms got to it and several pitchers and flowers fell over. It used to just do this by itself in years prior. I purchased this from you many years ago and it has done well overall! I can not seem to find it in my orders though so i do not know what year exactly, but unless I switched the plant tag that should be the correct ID. In the photos it is the big guy farthest from the vantage point, but I wanted to provide the overall big picture :)
( Submitted in June 2021.)


You may have gotten your tags switched. This plant is Sarracenia Mountain Splendor, one of our creations. It's parentage is S. oreophila x S. rubra ssp. jonesii. It's super vigorous, and can be super floppy at times. Floppy pitchers varies much between species and hybrids. Stuff with S. oreophila tends to get that trait. So, this is normal for this hybrid. Usually, we don't see it happen until mid summer when the plant is loaded with insects. But heavy rain will sometimes cause it. Low light can also cause floppy pitchers. 

You can stake them up or use something like a tomato ring, but they just do this. For more rigid Sarracenia, staking them up works as well, but older pitchers getting floppy at some point in the season. You see it in wild plants too. 

Just a follow-up, I tied them up yesterday with a bit of just cord and some cast-off arrows. Seems to be just the thing they needed! Thanks again!

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