Q/A #92 - Red Dragon Flytrap Is Finicky

June 9, 2023

Q/A #92 - Red Dragon Flytrap Is Finicky

I'm in the Portland area and bought this Red Dragon Flytrap at your open house a couple of years ago. It's never really thrived but this year seems more sickly. It gets new growth but the traps never open and wither away.
( Submitted in June 2021.)


The Red Dragon Flytrap is finicky when compared to other forms of flytraps. They hate root disturbance during the growing season, and they dislike excessive heat. One of our customers grows flytraps in Phoenix. He reported that Red Dragon is the only flytrap variety that grows poorly for him. The others thrive in the desert heat.

Judging from your setup, it might be that the pot is too exposed and getting blasted by the sun. You may need to shield the pot from direct sunlight but the plant itself will still need sun. A large ceramic container that will accommodate the plastic pot would do the job.

The soil also looks like it could be replaced with a fresh mix. I recommend using a courser mix of 40% peat moss and 60% perlite, or a ratio of 2 parts peat to 3 parts perlite. This will increase evaporation and keep the soil cool. Watering from the top (with low mineral water) will also cool the soil.

When repotting your Red Dragon during the growing season, avoid excessive root disturbance. It's ok to keep some of the soil around the roots. You should also clip off the flower stalk so that the plant can focus its energy on leaf development.

As a side note, when winter comes, make sure to bring your plants down to ground level. Don't keep them on the railing during winter. The ground provides better protection from rapid temperature swings and freezing wind.

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