Q/A #90 - Flytrap Not Flytrap

June 6, 2023

Q/A #90 - Flytrap Not Flytrap

I have been growing this from seed thinking it was a Venus Flytrap. Now I am not sure, It has shell shaped leaves and is starting to grow fairly tall. The stalks and some leaves have hair and bumps. I got the seeds from Wish.com. Can you identify these plants for me? I'm also in Canada, so it's hard to find a carnivorous plant nursery here. I wish you shipped to Canada.
(Submitted in May 2021.)


Oh dear! Unfortunately, you've been scammed. Those plants are not Venus Flytraps, nor are they related to any of the 600+ species of carnivorous plants. Frankly, I'm not sure what those plants are. I'm sorry you had to experience such a sham purchase. 

Since you're new to carnivorous plants, I highly recommend starting with grown plants rather than seeds. Carnivorous plants in general grow very slowly compared to other types of plants. There are a couple of fine Canadian nurseries that specialize in carnivorous plants. They sell plants in various stages of growth, and they can assist you in growing them.

Also, if you're looking to grow carnivorous plants indoors, consider getting tropical carnivorous plants. Venus flytraps are outdoor perennials. From our experience in teaching customers proper growing techniques, we've found only 10% of first-time growers are ever successful growing them indoors. The other 90% fail, and they end up thinking that growing flytraps is difficult when in reality their growing situation was inadequate - not enough sunlight, too warm in winter. 

Anyway, give these folks a try. Let them know we sent you!

Brad's Greenhousehttps://bradsgreenhouse.com/
Carnivorous Plant Storehttps://www.carnivorousplantstore.com/

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