Q/A #87 - Do I Separate the New Shoot on My Nepenthes?

May 12, 2023

Q/A #87 - Do I Separate the New Shoot on My Nepenthes?

I received a Nepenthes sanguinea from you a couple of weeks ago, and it seems to be doing very well. In the picture, it can be seen as a tiny shoot near the base of the main plant. I was wondering if it would be necessary or recommended to split this out from the main plant and grow it as a separate plant in a separate pot. 
(Submitted in May 2019.)


Looks like your plant is growing a basal shoot, which will grow into another branching vine. This would be no different than a regular plant or tree producing suckers near the soil line. So rather than thinking of it as a separate plant, think of it as a branch coming off of the main vine. So, no, do not attempt to separate it from the mother vine because it lacks it own root system. In time, your plant will have several vines coming out, which is normal for this Nepenthes sanguinea. When that happens, repot the plant, keeping the branching vines intact, into a larger pot. 

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