Q/A #86 - Nepenthes Stem Is Looks Yellow

May 11, 2023

Q/A #86 - Nepenthes Stem Is Looks Yellow

I received a Nepenthes Velvet from y’all just over a month ago. I noticed the cut stem was brown on the tip, but just figured that it was just part of the cutting. Today I noticed that the stem is really starting to look yellow and wanted to check with y’all to see if something could be wrong? The plant is in an east facing window and I water it 1-2 times a week with distilled water. I have not replanted it.
(Submitted in May 2019.)

Nepenthes Velvet

The stem on the left is the old stem that was part of the initial cutting of the plant. You can see where a shoot emerged and started to vine. Sometimes the older portion of the stem will turn yellow and then turn brown. It doesn't mean that the plant is dying. Nepenthes are vines in nature, so they form long brown stems over time as they grow and vine out. This helps toughen the stem so that it can support the growing vine.

You also have a new shoot that grew from the original cutting, just below the soil line. This portion of the plant will likely produce lower pitchers, while the vining portion will produce upper pitchers. Overall, your plant looks fine. 

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