Q/A #82 - Nepenthes Pitcher Is Drying Up

May 3, 2023

Q/A #82 - Nepenthes Pitcher Is Drying Up

I got my Nepenthes boschiana x veitchii about a week ago and I have it in a window that gets daylight but no direct sunlight. I bought a 15w white light non-LED and keep it on about 8 hours a day. It is also about 6-8 inches away from the plant. My question is one of the pitchers lids looks like it is drying up and becoming crispy. What do I do? Is this normal, I live in a very dry climate.
(Submitted in April 2021.)


It's very common for Nepenthes to lose pitchers both from the shock of shipping and in adjusting to a new home environment. It doesn't always happen but it sometimes does. Your plant is just acclimating to a sudden change in its growing conditions. As long as the leaves and new growth look healthy, your plant is fine.

Also, you said non-LED; is it a compact fluorescent bulb? If it is, and it's a bit too close, The heat coming off of it could be contributing to this. 

Overall I would say give the plant some time, meaning at least a couple months. It can take a while for them to adjust, and Nepenthes don't grow very fast. Also, if you are in a very dry climate, having other foliage houseplant in the area can help raise ambient humidity.

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