Q/A #8 - Nepenthes Pitchers Turning Black

January 2, 2023

Q/A #8 - Nepenthes Pitchers Turning Black

I got my Nepenthes ventricosa about 1-2 weeks ago. Just in the last few days some of the pitchers are turning black starting from the top. Is this normal? I have the plant under T12  fluorescent lights (4100K) about 13 hours a day. I always keep the soil moist, but not water logged. Sometimes I mist the plant itself. It is not in a terrarium and it has drainage holes.
(Submitted in November 2018.)

This is quite normal. Pitchers on N. ventricosa don't last as long as other species. It's just part of their growth cycle. A plant might also drop its pitchers when there is a drastic change in environment, like going from our greenhouse to your home. 

The leaves on your plant look very healthy. They have a vibrant color, and I don't see any discolorations.  So your plant is healthy. The pitchers, however, didn't like the transition.  You can cut of the blackening pitchers if they bother you. Cut it off near the tip of the leaf. Your plant will produce new pitchers as it adjust to its new home. In fact, I see a pitcher developing in the second photo. That's a good sign!

Submitted in November 2018. The original question and response have been edited for publication.
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