Q/A #77 - Big Pink Sundew Isn't Very Big or Pink.

April 28, 2023

Q/A #77 - Big Pink Sundew Isn't Very Big or Pink.

I have a Drosera capensis Big Pink that I got almost one year ago. It's in an east-facing windowsill and in its original soil. I water with low-mineral tap water. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. The plant survived winter. Window can get a bit frosty when it's -40°F (-40°C)  outside. It looks healthy, but it’s stretchy. Not sure what to do.
(Submitted in April 2021.)


The plant needs more light - sagging leaves that curl under and poor coloration. Knowing how dark your winters are in Fairbanks, I'm actually surprised it looks this good. But Big Pink is a variety that has pink leaves throughout. Here's a photo of what the plants look like in our tropical greenhouse with optimal lighting.

This plant requires several hours of direct sunlight. My guess is that now we are past the Spring Equinox, you are already starting to see a turnaround in this plant. What you can do is find a light to supplement the plant with in the winter. Since you have only one plant I recommend using something like an LED spotlight in a clamp light or similar fixture. Find bulb that is at least 20 watts and produces cool or warm white light. Start with the light about 18 inches above the plant. Avoid "grow lights" with red and blue lights. Also get a simple lamp timer and set it for a 12-14 hour day. 

Your plants could also use a transplant into new pots and soil. Trim off any dilapidated leaves, and bury the stems deeper when you do that. Since Big Pink gets pretty large, you might want to put them in separate pots. 

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