Q/A #76 - Pinguicula and Sundew Are Looking Sad.

April 27, 2023

Q/A #76 - Pinguicula and Sundew Are Looking Sad.

We have a Pinguicula Alfred Lau that we purchased a while back. It was in great condition but we're doing something to it that isn't working. It looks really sad. The plant is sitting on an elevated surface on the soil. The pot is above a distilled water tray, under T5 grow lights for 12 hrs a day. We put it in the water daily to every other day depending on its wetness. 

I also have a Drosera venusta, Its lower leaves are dull and aren't carrying any dew. I know lower leaves get old and die, but it just doesn't seem to be thriving.
(Submitted in April 2021.)

Pinguicula Alfred Lau

Drosera venusta


Both of your plants look perfectly fine.Your Pinguicula looks like it's coming out of its winter succulent stage. It also looks like you cleared away all of the dead foliage. When you do that, it exposes the lower portions of the plant, which is normal. Pinguicula have very short leaves. Since the plant produced progeny, you can seperate them out and plant them in their own pots. In time, they will have a nice rosette of leaves. So it's just a matter of spring care for your  Pinguicula.

On the sundew, don't worry about lower leaves. The lower leaves often lose dew as they age. As long as new growth is coming up in the center and looks dew and colorful, your plant is doing great. 

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