Q/A #72 - Aphids on a Cape Sundew

April 12, 2023

Q/A #72 - Aphids on a Cape Sundew

I'm not sure what this is on my Cape sundew. Possibly aphids? I watched your video on safe insecticides for some insight. I sprayed it with orthene. It doesn't seem to be hurting the plant and only minimally moved over to my 2 other capes. They seem to squish when I rub them between my fingers. I'm guessing the product lasts about a month? Anything else I should be doing?
(Submitted in April 2020.)

All of those little white dots are aphids. So yes, you have a bad aphid infestation, and a systemic insecticide like. Orthene (acephate) should do the job. As a systemic, it will last for about 20-30 days. Acephate is rather toxic, so spray in a well-ventilated area. You should also spray nearby plants to prevent the spread. As always, follow the directions recommended by the manufacturer. 

Your sundew may take a bit of time to recover. If the infestation returns, you will need to spray again. If it returns for a third time, avoid using the systemic because you may create aphids that are resistant to the product. So, a last ditch effort would be to decapitate the plant. It will send up numerous new shoots from the stump and root system. That would also be a good time to change the soil, too.

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