Q/A #69 - How Do I Keep Birds out of My Bog Garden?

April 9, 2023

Q/A #69 - How Do I Keep Birds out of My Bog Garden?

What can I do to keep starlings and other birds out of my bog gardens? They pull the sphagnum out and dig holes in the soil with lighting speed. I am concerned that they are going to do damage to my plants. As of right now I have fashioned some 30% sun block material over the gardens using some small bamboo stakes. I cannot keep these on for long as they are sending up many flowers and new pitchers. Any suggestions?
(Submitted in April 2020.)


You may need to consider using bird netting. Many garden centers carry this. At our previous location, we had use bird netting because birds were pulling out newly potted Venus Flytraps. 

You can also try bird flashing tape. It's mylar ribbons that you tie to tall stakes. They spook birds whenever the ribbon flutters in the wind. 

With really pesky birds, consider using motion-activated sprinklers. One of our workers used it to deter crows from ripping apart her Sarracenia to get to the insects. It worked like a charm. But, if you're just dealing with starlings and other similar birds, bird netting works well.

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