Q/A #68 - No Pitchers on Nepenthes Despite Misting

April 9, 2023

Q/A #68 - No Pitchers on Nepenthes Despite Misting

I have a Nepenthes, but I don't know what Nepenthes it actually is. During the wintertime, all pitchers died and the plant was resting. Here in Finland we have very long, dark and cold winters so I use growing lights for my plants. Now the spring and sun is finally here, so my Nepenthes has started to grow and I'm so happy. It is placed in southern window but I still use growing lights for 10 hours/day. I also moist my plants several times a day. But  there's no new pitchers. All the new ones dry out and don't grow at all. Is it still too dry for Nepenthes because the room moisture is only about 30-32%? 
(Submitted in April 2019.)

Based on the leaves and growth habit. your plant is most likely Nepenthes Deroose Alata. it's a common hybrid that is mass-produced and sold in many garden centers. 

Lack of light is the biggest problem here. Make sure the plant is in a window that gets several hours of direct sun when the sun is out. Nepenthes need more sunlight than people often expect. If you use LED lights, make sure it's at least 40 watts with white lights (not blue/red). The light also has to be 30-45 cm from the plant and on a 14-hour daylight cycle.

Also, stop misting the plant. It doesn't benefit the plant at all. If it did, your plant would already produce pitchers. Your relative humidity is fine, and your plant will adapt to lower humidity when you give it a chance. When the light levels are sufficient enough, your plant will produce pitchers. Sunlight plays a much bigger role in pitcher production than humidity.

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