Q/A #51 - Moving Plants to Outside

March 14, 2023

Q/A #51 - Moving Plants to Outside

When should i introduce my plants to the outdoors? I live in northern Indiana, and I have a Drosera capensis, Sarracenia flava, and a Venus Flytrap. In the summer we get temperatures anywhere from 60° to 90° (16°-32°C) and occasionally 100° (38°C).
(Submitted in March 2019.)


Since you got your plants indoors, definitely move the outdoor perennials (S. flava and the flytrap) outside for the growing season. But wait until you are past the projected last frost of the season. For your area, this might be the end of April to mid-May, so early May would be a good time to move them outside into full sun. You actually can move them outside sooner, such as in early April, but if there is a spring frost, then the new growth might get burned. It won't kill the plant. It will just do some minor damage to the new growth. 

The Cape sundew is a tropical plant, so you should definitely wait until the danger of frost is past. 

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