Q/A #45 - Are Copper Trays Safe to Use?

March 3, 2023

Q/A #45 - Are Copper Trays Safe to Use?

I have a Nepenthes, several tropical sundews, and a couple of Venus flytraps. Wondering if it’s okay to use pure copper drip trays with these plants?
(Submitted in February 2023.)


If these are trays where the plants can absorb water back into the pot, then no, I wouldn't use those. Copper is toxic to all plants, and carnivorous plants tend to be a bit more sensitive to stuff like that. You can, however, use a clear plastic tray, maybe acrylic, for the plants to sit in and then set the plastic tray on the copper tray. That way you can enjoy the aesthetics of the copper tray without killing the plants. 

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