Q/A #42 - Upcoming Freeze into Single Digits

February 27, 2023

Q/A #42 - Upcoming Freeze into Single Digits

Hello, I wanted u guys to check out the weather we're having at the moment. Should I bring my Sarracenia and Venus flytraps indoors this whole week or only on Sunday and Monday? Below is a screenshot of the week. I went ahead and brought them all in as they were frozen but I'm not sure if I should have since its not below 20 degrees (-7°C) yet. If you could help me out ASAP that would be great. Thank you!
(Submitted in February 2021.)


You did the right thing. Even though the outdoor carnivorous plants will be fine down to 20°F (-7°C), harder freezes are a different story. Plants in pots won't handle that well. Those single digits could do them in because of the increased risk of freeze drying. Yes, bring them in where the temperature can remain just below freezing temperature. Avoid an excessively warm environment that may bring them out of dormancy. Once you are back in the upper 30's you can put them back outside.

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