Q/A #38 - Drosera graomogolensis Likes It Cool and Sunny

February 21, 2023

Q/A #38 - Drosera graomogolensis Likes It Cool and Sunny

I have a Drosera graomogolensis. This one you water from below? I like this one a lot and can't wait for it to grow big. Do you think it looks okay? I almost want to run a butter knife around the ends to lift up the leaves?
(Submitted in February 2021.)

This sundew looks OK. Not great, but OK. If anything, it needs more sun. The leaves are very pale green and dewless. It should have tinges of red and lots of dew. Your watering is fine. That's what we recommend. But your plant needs more sunlight. Try moving it in that window to an area that is not behind any screening, and not obstructed from the outside. 

Also, ditch the heat mat. This sundew likes it cool and bright. Your home environment is warm enough.  The plant doesn't need additional soil heat. The heat mat  will cause you problems in the long run. 

The same is true with your butterwort, which I can see peeking from the bottom of your photo. Based on your order, it's Pinguicula Aphrodite. It too needs more light. It should have some redness in its leaves. Both plants originate in the wild at high elevations where it's cool but sunny. So heat mats are not necessary with these plants. Just position them in that window so they can get several hours of direct sunlight. It might be hard to do in winter, so supplemental lighting might be necessary.

I've included two photos of how some of our mother plants appear. Use these photos as a gauge to know if your plants are getting enough light.

Drosera graomogolensis

Pinguicula Aphrodite

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