Q/A #15 - Drainage Is Needed for a Bathtub Bog Garden

January 11, 2023

Q/A #15 - Drainage Is Needed for a Bathtub Bog Garden

I am about to order some Sarracenia rhizomes from you and I watched your  videos on the bathtub bog gardens. I am unclear on a few things though. If I have a large plastic pot, do I need a little drainage or none if I am going to use a peat moss/perlite medium to grow the plants? In the video, you did not actually seal the hole in the bottom but put a rock there which led me to believe that there would be a little seepage through that hole. Please let me know.

Also, since you grow your plants all outdoors, I am assuming I do not need to “harden” the plants when I receive them. I live in a 9b zone so I am assuming I can put the plants in the bog garden when I receive them even though it is winter.

(Submitted in December 2018.)

Yes, you do need drainage. That's the rock in the drain hole in the bathtub is just to prevent the soil from coming out. They do drain freely. So definitely drill holes in your large pot if there aren't any holes already. You can either place the holes directly on the bottom of the pot, like how it is on a bathtub. Or you can place them on the sides, about an inch or two from the bottom. Either way, you need to allow the excess water to drain away, otherwise you end up with anaerobic conditions that can stunt the growth of your plants.

You are correct about the hardening off. Our plants are fully dormant and experiencing cool to freezing weather right now. No need to do anything special for a zone 9 climate when you get the plants. 

One note, however. Since you are warmer, some plants may come out of dormancy early when you get them. No worries on that, however. They will be fine, and you get a longer growing season to enjoy your plants.

Submitted in December 2018. The original question and response have been edited for publication.
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