Q/A #143 - Brown Spots on Sarracenia Pitchers

August 3, 2023

Q/A #143 - Brown Spots on Sarracenia Pitchers

I just purchased this Sarracenia in July, and have noticed these brown spots forming on some of the sides of the pitchers. Is this from pests or disease, and what should I do? Thanks
(Submitted in August 2021.)


Your plant is doing its job! Among Sarracenia growers, this is often called late summer indigestion. This sort of brown spots commonly happen when pitcheer plants catch lots of bugs and the tube fills up beyond the digestive zone of the pitcher. It looks unsightly, but it doesn't harm the plant. It happens in wild plants too. Sometimes the top of the pitcher can die if the brown spot encircles the entire pitcher, but just cut it off if that happens. Leave the live bottom part. It's still digesting insects. Overall, this sort of spotting normal and doesn't indicate anything systemic going on.

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