Q/A #141 - Best Carnivorous Plants for My Home

August 1, 2023

Q/A #141 - Best Carnivorous Plants for My Home

My son and I are interested in raising some carnivorous plants. We live in Walla Walla, Washington and would like to keep the plants indoors on a windowsill. What carnivorous plants would you recommend for a couple of beginners? Do the plants get delivered live, or are they just seeds that you have to grow? Thanks so much!
(Submitted in August 2021.)

The best place to start is to use the feature on our site for new growers. Answer a few short questions, and you'll get a list of plants best suited for your growing conditions. Nearly all plants on our website are appropriate for first-time growers. Plants that require some prior growing experience are stated within the description on the sales page.

All plants are shipped in pots. Each sales page has a description of the plant that you receive. We also provide a 3-day guarantee on the health of the plants (as long as you follow our care instructions).

We also have lots of information on our website. Make sure to read our general care guides and watch our videos

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