Q/A #139 - No Sarracenia Pitchers for 3 Years

July 31, 2023

Q/A #139 - No Sarracenia Pitchers for 3 Years

I've grown this for about 3 years. It went into dormancy this winter. It is in 50/50 soil mix of peat and perlite. Been outside for over a month with distilled water in a 3-inch saucer but won't make pitchers. Growing okay but not progressing.
(Submitted in July 2022.)



You can see from this plant why we don't recommend having Sarracenia indoors. ? Lack of sunlight is why your plant isn't making any pitchers. You've also had it outdoors for just over a month, so you have to give your plant more time.

I can see in the background you have some Sarracenia that look fairly normal. Here's what you should do with this plant that you had indoors. Cut off all the foliage that is flopping over. Keep it in the water tray like you are doing. Be sure all these plants are in full sun. When we say full sun, we mean the kind of sun you need to grow tomatoes or vegetables. If it's not bright enough for those plants, it's not bright enough for Sarracenia, Venus Flytraps or North American Sundews.

After that give it time. Some of these leaves are what's called phyllodia, non-carnivorous leaves. Once the plant is back in full sun it should begin producing pitchers again in a few weeks. However, don't expect too much since we're already half way through summer. You might have to wait until next growing season for the plant to look normal.

For more information about growing Sarracenia, watch the Volume 1 playlist.  

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