Q/A #135 - My Sundew Has No Tentacles

July 27, 2023

Q/A #135 - My Sundew Has No Tentacles

Why is the Drosera capensis not fully developing it's tentacles? The plant starts to grow it's leaves then start to wilt away. I suspect low humidity might be the cause, but I wanted to confirm the issues. How do I fix this? I had my Drosera for 7 months. The plant is situated at the kitchen sink window facing south. Sunlight direction is south facing Soil is the same since the pot was delivered. I always use distilled water. It's in the original pot and soil. I haven't used any fertilizer. I live in the Midwest.
(Submitted in July 2021.)

Your plant isn’t getting enough sun. That's the bottom line. Your plant has the classic signs of having been growing in low light conditions. While you think the area is bright enough, your plant clearly has other opinions. Your plant should be getting around 4 hours of direct, unobstructed sun when the sun is out. 

And forget about humidity. That's a red herring. We don't talk about humidity in our care guides because it is a non-issue. The majority of plants found in cultivation will acclimate to low and fluctuating humidity. However, they will never acclimate to poor lighting. So, increasing the humidity will not at all save your plant. Your plant will only be saved by giving it more sunlight.

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