Q/A #128 - Cape Sundew Needs More Light

July 20, 2023

Q/A #128 - Cape Sundew Needs More Light

I bought a Cape sundew (Drosera capensis) from you a month or so ago. It’s doing very well now! Currently I have one growing right on top of another. I was tempted to separate them to give them a bit of room to grow, but I didn’t want to hurt them.
( Submitted in July 2020.)


Just give the little one a bit more time to grow, then you can separate them and transplant into their own pots. Capes are not that sensitive to transplanting. But, they're also OK growing as a clump. There's nothing wrong with that either. We have pots of Cape sundews with multiple plants growing together.

Also, your plants need more sun. It has some of the classic signs that the amount of sunlight isn't enough - pale green, very little red in the tentacles, no dew, and leaves curling under. So, I recommend that you first give your plant more sunlight. It should get 3-4 hours of direct sunlight. For reference, here's a photo of a Cape sundew growing in optimal lighting. Note the color and how the leaves are growing upwards.

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