Q/A #116 - Novelty Planters

June 23, 2023

Q/A #116 - Novelty Planters

I’m looking to grow a Venus fly trap. I have bought two different planters. I’m curious if I can use distilled water and grow traps in either of these. Would you recommend using one of these planters or would you recommend just a plain plastic planter with great drainage?
(Submitted in June 2020.)


The first planter is interesting, but probably a recipe for disaster with a Venus flytrap. That is really made for plants that will send out multiple growth shoots from their roots, and flytraps don't really do that. However, Drosera adelae may be great in one of these because they send out lots of runners. You just need to keep the soil wet enough.

The second planter with the lights are more cutesie than functional. These would be fun to experiment with, but unless you already have good experience growing Venus Flytraps successfully, I wouldn't do one of these. I can almost guarantee the lights are not bright enough for most carnivorous plants despite what they may be claiming. 

If you've never grown carnivorous plants before, stick with the basics. You won't go wrong using a plastic pot with drain holes, and a water tray. If you can grow a plant successfully using tried-and-true techniques, you will likely have the observational skills to grow plants with one of these novelty planters and take proactive measures should you see a plant not growing as expected.

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