Q/A #112 - Unknown plant with Sarracenia

June 21, 2023

Q/A #112 - Unknown plant with Sarracenia

I so much enjoyed your Open House last year and am disappointed that it’s not possible to attend again this year. The plants I bought last year (Sarracenia Judith Hindle, Sarracenia Appalachian Spring, Sarracenia flava x minor, and a Venus flytrap) seem to be thriving, and I’m hoping you can answer two simple questions please. I’ve attached photos to illustrate. I live in Portland, so my weather and climate is similar to yours at the nursery.

1. Judith Hindle is flowering beautifully but she has also grown several long grass-like shoots. They have no flower or hoods developing, just the grass-like shoot. You can see them coming out on her left side in the first photo. What are these? Part of the plant, or is there some other plant growing in there with her?

2. I re-potted the three sarracenias and the flytrap into larger pots in about April. To keep them in sufficient water, especially in this warmer weather, I bought a kiddie pool yesterday for them to sit in. Should the pool be filled with only plain water? I added some sphagnum peat moss into the water, but I’m not sure if that was a bad idea and I maybe I should change it to just clear water
(Submitted in June 2020.)

Sarracenia Judith Hindle with unknown plant.

Kiddie pool with water and peat moss.


That plant growing next to the Judith Hindle is sedge grass. Get it out of there. It can be very invasive and will spread to your other plants. It's roots will also intertwine with the Sarracenia roots.

I don't recommend putting peat in the kiddie pool. It will get icky over time and just turn into a big mess as we get into the hot weather. Just water in the pool is best. Otherwise, that's a lovely display. You could also add a layer of decorative pea gravel on the bottom of the pool for aesthetics. 

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