Q/A #108 - Powdery Mildew on Sarracenia

June 16, 2023

Q/A #108 - Powdery Mildew on Sarracenia

I have several Sarracenia that gets a powdery mildew forming towards top of the pitcher plants at this time of the year. 

The plants live in a 50/50 peat to perlite mix been in pot for gosh 3 years, I only use rain water. Next year I plan on taking them out of pot to re-soil, put some in another pot and fix the current pot. I have to plug up sometimes to let water sit but I now un screw the plug to drip water out constantly. The fix will be placing pond liner quarter way up and then when water gets over that line it will drain. Everything is fine except for the powdery mildew. 

I’ve tried iso-propyl alcohol with a cotton ball but it turns the pitcher brown like dead where I wipe. I do think the pot is getting well over crowded with pitcher plants. I am starting to cut any leaves that have dead tips. I’ve also tried two tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide to quart of water. Any suggestions to get rid of the web like material with out harming the plant much appreciated. I’ve even thought about cutting the entire pitcher. I’ll send couple photos. I also have video of the whole set up but I can add that here
(Submitted in June 2013.)


This is definitely powdery mildew. This seems to pop up on Sarracenia when they are crowded, like you mentioned, and in warm, humid conditions where the air is often stagnant. Good hygiene, thinning out any dead leaves and spreading the plants out does help. Also, I see these are right next to the house. For whatever reason, Sarracenia are less prone to get this when they are more out in the open and not next to buildings. It usually has to do with more air circulation in an open area. Other plants in the area can harbor spores as well, so getting rid of any weeds around the area that may have it helps as well.

In the meantime, a fungicide spray will help. I would try Neem first. Neem is a plant extract that will kill mold. It's safe to use on plants. Spray generously. You will need to repeat the application a couple of days later. 

There's also a product called Serenade that I've had good luck with.  Serenade is a bacterial extract that inhibits fungal growth, and is safe to use on Sarracenia. Follow label directions both for application and safety.

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