Q/A #107 - Pinguicula grandiflora Down Under

June 15, 2023

Q/A #107 - Pinguicula grandiflora Down Under

I'm in Australia, and I have a Pinguicula grandiflora that was doing well inside a terrarium but then all of a sudden the leaves suddenly died off. I was advised to put it outside. While I did, I noticed this little bulb in the center, is it a hibernacula? If not, what should I do to help this plant?
( Submitted in June 2021.)


Since you're in Australia, you're entering your winter season. So, this plant is going dormant. That's a hibernacula, its resting bud. It'll remain in that state for the next several months until spring rolls around, which will be in September for you. During this time period, keep the soil just damp, but not super wet.

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