Q/A #105 - Warped Leaves on Sarracenia

June 14, 2023

Q/A #105 - Warped Leaves on Sarracenia

Judith Hindle has warped leaves and other traps have no water. Haven’t been fed in over a month. Need advice.
(Submitted in June 2021.)


This looks like thrip damage. You will need to spray it. Try a ready to use Neem product first. You will need to repeat the spraying a few times. Be sure to follow the label directions. Focus the spraying on the crown of the plant where you see the damage. If that gets them, and you see new normal growth, great. If not you may need to move to something more heavy duty. Thrips can be a very tough customer to knock down. They are immune to the insecticides (b-cyfluthrin and imidacloprid) used in most of the Bayer products. I would also spray any other Sarracenia you have since they may be affected as well.

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