Q/A #104 - Need Help with a Huge Nepenthes

June 14, 2023

Q/A #104 - Need Help with a Huge Nepenthes

My Nepenthes is getting HUGE! The pitchers are approaching the size of my forearm. The plant appears to be thriving and new leaves are forming and growing from the top. My concern is that the hanging pot is tilting and it’s only a 8” pot. Should I repot? Should I take a cutting from the top and propagate? Please help! I'm in Orlando, Florida.
( Submitted in June 2021.)


Very nice Nepenthes Miranda. Yes, this hybrid can get huge. Pitchers will get up to 15 inches. Your plant actually isn't too big for that size pot. It may be of more benefit just to find a way to let the plant trellis and even out the stress load on the hanger. But since your plant looks very healthy and happy, repotting it would be mostly for aesthetics.

Nepenthes are vines by nature, so finding a way to let them do their thing is good. Watch our video about repotting Nepenthes. There's a section in it about trellises. If you choose to repot, use at least a 10-inch pot. If you want to continue hanging your plant, make sure to position the plant in a way that allows the pot to remain even.

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