Q/A #103 - Strange Plant in My Flytrap Pot

June 13, 2023

Q/A #103 - Strange Plant in My Flytrap Pot

We have noted some growth around our flytrap we are not sure if we should remove or leave alone. We noticed it last season and left it alone and but continuing to grow - tried to gently remove one but they are definitely rooted in. Flytrap seems fine, but if we need to remove them, let us know.
(Submitted in June 2021.)


Those are just moss sporophytes. They are the fruiting bodies of a club moss growing in the pots. It won't harm the flytrap, but it can grow faster than the flytrap and potentially crowd it out. It's a common moss and shows up periodically.  You can just pull those out. They may pull up some soil too, but you can just put a little more media in if that happens.

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