Q/A #102 - Sarracenia Pitchers Aren't Opening

June 13, 2023

Q/A #102 - Sarracenia Pitchers Aren't Opening

These guys aren't opening all the way. What's the deal?
(Submitted in June 2019.)

Here's the deal. You're not following the growing instructions that we gave you when you purchased your plant. 

Your Sarracenia requires full sun as mentioned in the care instructions we sent you when you purchased the plant. Right now, your plant is showing the classic signs of growing in poor lighting - long lanky leaves, poor color, and non-carnivorous leaves. 

If you want to see the full potential of this Sarracenia, grow it outside in full sun. Please read the care instructions that were included with your plant, or you can read it online in the care guide section.

On another note, when sending us photos, please make sure the plant, not the background, is in focus. 

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