Q/A #100 - Nepenthes Gaya's Leaves Are Turning Red

June 12, 2023

Q/A #100 - Nepenthes Gaya's Leaves Are Turning Red

I received this Nepenthes x Gaya from you last month and it came with three leaves. The leaves were all green, but if you look at the photos, the two leaves that have grown in since are coming in a dark red color. Is this a bad sign? The corner they are growing in has a north and west window and gets a little son in the morning and decent sun in the evening after about 2 PM. I’ve been using only distilled water. There were quite a few gnats in that bathroom, and they’ve caught quite a lot in the last 2 weeks. Thank you for any advice you can give.
( Submitted in June 2019.)


Nepenthes Gaya will naturally grow reddish leaves when grown in bright sunlight.  This is a good sign that the plant is getting adequate light, and it's a sign that the plant is getting sufficient lighting. Our spring has been very cloudy, so the plant didn't get as much lighting as they would in summer. But now that the plant is in its new location, it looks very happy to be back in sunshine. The Nepenthes sanguinea next to it will develop some bronze colors in the leaves too. That's normal and a sign of a happy plant.

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