Q/A #1 - Setup Is Perfect

December 25, 2022

Q/A #1 - Setup Is Perfect

I have a Nepenthes Gaya that I purchased from you in September. I live in the desert Southwest, and I'm growing it under four 2-foot T5 lights, about 14 inches away. I use distilled water and just did one dose of 1/4 teaspoon per gallon Maxsea fertilizer yesterday.  The temp is approximately 72°F (22°C) during the day and 64°F (18°C) at night.  The Gaya leaves are getting red and new pitchers are small, but sturdy and colorful. Just wanted to make sure my condition is good for them.
(Submitted in November 2022.)

Nepenthes Gaya

Nepenthes Deroose Alata


Your plants look fantastic, and everything you're doing is fine. Nepenthes Gaya will naturally develop reddish leaves when grown under bright lights. Some might say the lighting is too bright, but the pitchers look well-formed with no premature browning or deformity. The Deroose Alata (second photo) also has firm, bright green leaves with subtle hints of yellow. It also has its characteristic red pitchers. Based on how your Deroose Alata appears, the lighting is perfect.

Your other plants are also looking healthy. You did the right thing in elevating your Cephalus so that they could be closer to the light source. You have an ampullaria hybrid in the back left corner of your collection. It looks like N. ventricosa x ampullaria.  Based on that plant's growth, the temperature is spot on.  

You also topped dressed your Nepenthes media with live sphagnum moss. Whenever I see nice vibrant sphagnum moss like that, it's a good indicator of health as well. Keep up the good work!

Submitted in November 2022. The original question and response have been edited for publication.
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