Nepenthes thorelii x aristolochioides

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Pitchers on this plant are very colorful - bright red-orange mottling against a creamy-yellow background. They are uniquely cone-shaped, almost lantern-like. Nepenthes aristolochioides x thorelii is a very robust grower. It readily produces a long vine with multiple basal shoots and grows awesomely as a houseplant. Pitchers on an adult plant can are typically 6-8 inches.

Type of Plant: Tropical pitcher plant for indoor growing.
Pitcher Size: Up to 8 inches.
Sunlight: Bright filtered to partial sun.
Water: Low-mineral water (50 ppm or less).
Soil: Equal parts dried sphagnum moss and perlite only.
Temperatures: Above 70°F during the day; 55°-70°F during the night. Always protect from frost.

• Established rooted cutting, which may produce lower or upper pitchers.
• Acclimated for windowsill growing.
• Shipped in a 4-inch pot. Care instructions are included.

The first photo is descriptive of the mother plant in our collection. The last photo shows established cuttings ready for new homes. Pitchers may or may not be present at the time of shipping.

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  • 5

    Posted by Taylor on May 7, 2021

    Beautiful plant!! Travelled all the way to Florida flawlessly! If you have a chance to get a plant from them DO IT!! You’ll be sooo happy too!!!

  • 5
    Loved every plant

    Posted by Gabriel R Haddad on February 11, 2021

    every plant ive bought is beautiful and healthy . will be buying more

  • 5
    Thorelii x aristolochiodes

    Posted by Kathryn A Artis on January 31, 2021

    Fast grower and now making pitchers just like the photo. Love the elegant look of this one and has been easy to grow.

  • 5
    thorelii x aristolochioides

    Posted by Unknown on January 10, 2021

    Arrived in great condition, start pitchering in less than a month!

  • 5
    Not doing so great

    Posted by Diana Douglas on June 24, 2020

    This was beautiful when it arrived but I've basically killed this one unfortunately. Might have to try it again.

  • 5
    Good looking and healthy plant.

    Posted by Ricardo de Ycaza on May 17, 2020

    Same great quality expected from SNW, as usual. Plug and play potted plant is growing well.

  • 5

    Posted by LAM on July 28, 2019

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew Jarnigan on July 3, 2019

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on March 18, 2019

  • 5

    Posted by Daniel Wachenheim on February 17, 2019

  • 5

    Posted by Preston on August 30, 2018

    The cutting arrived very healthy with two large growth points. It needed no acclimation period to start pitchering in ambient room humidity. This is a cool-looking cross that rivals ventrata in vigor and ease of growth. Very happy!

  • 5
    Nepenthes hybrid

    Posted by Raymond Kwan on June 26, 2017

    I decided to purchase this plant because the description indicated that it is a vigorous grower in the home environment and because I liked the shape of its pitchers. The plant was well-packed, and it looked very healthy. A new pitcher started developing not too long after I got it. Very happy with my purchase!